Hearing The Difference.

More than 28 million Americans are affected by some form of hearing loss. That is why Sitrin offers comprehensive audiology services, helping area families find the right solutions to their impairments through highly personalized treatment plans.

Sitrin audiology provides:

  • Identification, prevention, and assessment of hearing loss and related disorders
  • Auditory rehabilitation
  • Support for speech – language pathology and treatment of swallowing disorders

Audiology diagnosis and treatment services include:

  • Central Auditory Processing (CAP) Testing - evaluation of the brain's ability to process auditory information, providing the basis for developing and implementing learning strategies
  • Dizziness Diagnostic & Treatment Program - a series of tests designed to evaluate inner ear and central motor function 
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing – a reliable, objective, non-invasive, and painless screening of brain wave response to auditory stimuli
  • Behavioral Audiometric Assessments (children and adults)
  • Custom Earmold Fittings, including ear plugs for swimmers, hunters, musicians, and other applications
  • Hearing Aid Selection and Fittings  Download information about the Hearing Aid Dispensing Program
Highly qualified, caring staff.

Sitrin's audiology staff performs as part of a multidisciplinary team, working closely with patients and their families to help them achieve the best treatment outcome. Treatment is provided by a certified audiologist and speech-language pathologists.


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