Medical Rehabilitation

Offering a full range of medical rehabilitation services.



Meeting Your Recovery Needs

After injury or surgery, returning home can seem like a difficult journey. We ease this transition, helping you return to your everyday life healthier and stronger.



Revolutionizing Your Rehab

Whether you've been injured, had surgery, or have spent time in the hospital, we tailor your therapy to meet your unique rehabilitation needs.


Orthopedic Injury Program

Efficiently Healing the Community

For individuals who have recently experienced an injury or are affected by acute pain, this program will provide care from Sitrin's orthopedic surgeon and doctors of physical therapy.


Concussion Management

Keeping Your Life in Balance

The Equili·BRAIN·ium program is focused on making informed, healthy decisions for athletes to safely return to the field of play or individuals to get back to everyday activities.



Improving Health & Wellness

We provide customized medical and wellness clinics for all ages and abilities.

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