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Military veteran holding an American flag.

Empowering Military Veterans: Bridging the Gap in Veteran Healthcare Treatment

In our daily lives, we walk among heroes — military veterans who've shouldered the burden of service, often returning home with physical, emotional, and cognitive scars we can’t always see. 

Almost half of post 9/11 veterans have a service-related disability — a significant number of individuals in need of specialized care. 

This silent struggle underscores a pressing need for accessible, affordable, and high-quality treatment with the purpose of improving the lives of military veterans in local communities and across the country. 

Unique Health Issues Among Military Veterans

Mental and behavioral health issues are pervasive among those who have served in the military. A recent survey found the most commonly reported conditions among veterans were: 

  • Sleep problems (84%)

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (83%)

  • Anxiety (77%)

  • Depression (72%)

Statistics on top health issues among military veterans.

Substance abuse and suicidal ideation are seen more frequently in this population as well, further reinforcing the need for trauma-informed behavioral healthcare for individuals who have served. 

Additionally, military service often results in ongoing physical issues that require specialized care and treatment. Musculoskeletal injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), orthopedic and sensory issues are just a few of the physical challenges veterans commonly face. These conditions require specialized, holistic care that will enable veterans to move forward and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Military veterans working in a community garden.

An Alternative Approach to Veteran Healthcare

Sitrin’s military treatment program was developed in 2012 when a three-star general from the Walter Reed Military Center recognized the need for more accessible, high-quality outpatient programs for post-9/11 veterans in the Mohawk Valley. Military veterans need support that extends beyond conventional care. 

Our program offers a wide array of alternative therapies led by a multidisciplinary care team catering to the unique needs of military veterans and wounded warriors. We offer specialized treatments such as:


  • Mental Health Counseling — One-on-one counseling sessions led by our award-winning psychologist, family & marriage counselor, or licensed social worker.

  • Biofeedback — This technique increases awareness of physical responses, allowing more control over the body and encouraging relaxation.

  • Occupational and Physical Therapy — Therapies tailored to individual needs, such as brain fitness, stress management, and relaxation training.

  • Equine Therapy — Working with horses at Spirit Dog Farms provides an unconventional yet powerful form of mind-body healing through equine therapy. By bonding with the horse and taking in its energy, program participants experience a significant reduction in anxiety.

  • Aquatic Therapy — Using buoyancy and the natural resistance of water to decrease impact on the joints and improve circulation, aquatic therapy helps to heal injuries and improve overall wellness. Sitrin has one of the largest aquatic therapy programs in the area.

  • Polarity Therapy — A holistic treatment that eases stress and pain by rebalancing energy in the body.

In addition to alternative therapies, we also focus on building a community, bringing military veterans together to connect during activities such as yoga, hiking, fishing, and snowshoeing — helping veterans reconnect with their bodies through the healing power of nature, social interaction, and movement. 

Military veterans enjoying yoga in the park.

Making an Impact on the Community

Since its inception, our Military Program has grown tremendously, and is valued by veterans and their families alike. 

Each year, our Warrior Retreat brings veterans and their families together for a weekend under the stars at our 142-acre campground, Camp Sitrin. There, they connect through team-building activities like fly-fishing, capture the flag, and archery. Families set up tents, bring their own campers, or stay in one of our newly built cabins, thanks to generous grants from State Farm Neighborhood Assist, Bank of America, and The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc.

Many participants find a powerful sense of community at this retreat, and their newfound “military family” becomes a crucial support network throughout the year when they need it most. 

Veteran Colt Brumm is grateful for the resources and activities this program provides for local veterans. “Sitrin’s Military Program is a unique and hugely important niche in the broader landscape of veteran support organizations and fills a huge need that often isn't talked about — it creates a space where it is really, truly OK to be open and honest about the impact that being a service-disabled veteran has on our lives,” Brumm said.  

Through community-based programs like Sitrin’s Military Program, local veterans find acceptance, personalized treatment, and a support system that facilitates their healing journey and, most importantly, improves their overall quality of life.

Military veterans snowshoeing in the winter.

Help Bring Treatment to our Local Veterans

Sitrin’s Military Program operates through funds raised by our generous local community, and we are proud to provide this service to our veterans at no cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Military Program at Sitrin contact Jackie Warmuth at 315.737-2435 or jwarmuth@sitrin.com

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