COVID-19 Updates

In order to maintain transparency with our resident and patient families in regard to COVID-19, we will be sending census updates as they occur on our current COVID-19 wing. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.


COVID-19 Update: 9/25/2020

I just want to reach out as I know there has been a lot of information that has been disseminated over the last few weeks due to changes with visitation. I thought it would be helpful to review some areas that we have received questions about:

1. Once again, starting on 9/24/2020, visitors are now required to present a COVID-19 negative test result dated within seven (7) days of your visit. We must see the test result in order for you to proceed with your visit which includes outside visits. When you arrive to be screened for your visit, please plan on showing us the result. We will ask to keep a copy of it if it is a paper copy. If the result is on your cellphone, you must be able to show us the result so we can verify that it is a negative result within seven (7) days. At this point in time, rapid COVID-19 tests are permitted. INDOOR VISITATION IS NOT OCCURING YET. I will be in touch with you if and when we start this.

2. Please do NOT arrive more than 20 minutes prior to your scheduled visiting time. Our “screeners” are not at their screening stations until 15 to 20 minutes before the visit occurs. Therefore, if you arrive earlier than this and you are visiting at the long-term care houses, you must take a seat in the chairs provided in the community center. If you are visiting at the front entrance of the main building, we ask that you stay in your car until 15 minutes before your visiting time.

3. Please do not bring a pet with you to your visitation.

4. PLEASE share my emails with the rest of your family members so that they understand our process for visitation. We are finding that many family members have not been informed about our visitation process. We cannot possibly send an email to every family member, so we send the emails to the primary contact for every resident and rely on them to share that information with the rest of the family. Keep in mind that we have COVID-19 updates as well as our Visitation Policy and Visitation Expectation/Fact Sheet on our website for everyone’s reference at .

5. Last week I emailed many sites that offer COVID-19 testing for free. Unfortunately, the information I obtained from the New York State Department of Health website in regard to “free” testing sites was incorrect. Therefore, the only two sites that actually provide FREE testing are listed below. I apologize for any confusion. Please contact the locations listed below in order to review their procedures and hours of operation:

    • Rite Aid – Commercial Drive in New Hartford – (315) 736-5232
    • Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome – 1-888-364-3065

6. Window visits are still permitted and do NOT require a negative COVID-19 test.

7. End-of-life visits also do NOT require a negative COVID-19 test; however, you are still required to be screened and complete a questionnaire.

8. There is NO smoking during the visit as well as NO smoking on our campus.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you for your immediate attention to these guidelines.

Brenda Cobane
VP of Long Term Care Services

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