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Choose Sitrin’s Specialized HD and ALS NeuroCare Center

Our NeuroCare Center, a Huntington’s Disease and ALS long-term care residence in Upstate New York, is the first and only one of its kind in the area. This HD and ALS nursing home provides specialized palliative care for individuals living with Huntington’s Disease and ALS, two terminal neurodegenerative diseases that are prominent and dramatically underserved in New York State.

Unique features of our NeuroCare Center include:
  • Higher staff-to-resident ratio
  • Skilled nurses with specialized training in HD and ALS residential care
  • Age-appropriate programming and activities
  • Emphasis on nutrition, including extra caloric intake
  • Huntington’s Disease and ALS support groups for residents, families, and staff
  • Room modifications and technology based on individuals’ needs

To choose Sitrin for you or a loved one, download an application below or contact Sitrin NeuroCare at 1-888-578-8807.

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