Long-Term Care

Huntington’s Disease and ALS Long-Term Care

We are the first and only Huntington’s Disease and ALS long-term care facility in Upstate New York, revolutionizing palliative care for neurodegenerative diseases.

Neurodegenerative Nursing

Led by a registered nurse with extensive knowledge about Huntington’s Disease and ALS, we offer specialized care from a highly trained staff. Our skilled nursing professionals understand residents’ needs and have the skills to provide the quality health care they require.

Nutrition for HD and ALS

People with Huntington’s Disease expend a massive amount of energy from uncontrolled movements (chorea). Licensed, registered dietitians ensure each residents’ nutritional needs are consistently met through individualized patient-centered care plans.

Therapeutic Recreation

Individuals with Huntington’s Disease and ALS are often younger than the typical long-term care population. Age-appropriate activity programs for HD and ALS residents incorporate interests such as art, music, dance, community outings and horticulture. These activities are available at various times throughout the day and into the evening. One-on-one, and in-room programs are also scheduled to engage the distinct needs of individuals with HD and ALS.

Occupational Therapy

To maximize independence in daily activities and enhance strength and coordination, occupational therapists work with each resident to expand his/her abilities as the disease progresses, focusing on neurodegenerative disease symptoms that affect movement, cognition, behavior, and overall functioning.

Physical Therapy

People with Huntington’s Disease and ALS experience difficulty with strength, balance and endurance. Physical therapy helps manage the impact that movement disorders have on overall mobility, strength, and safety while performing daily tasks.

Respiratory Therapy

A consulting respiratory therapist, trained in neurodegenerative disease care management, conducts evaluations based on breathing quality, discusses non-invasive ventilator support as appropriate, and treats pulmonary diseases as indicated.

Speech-Language Pathology

Licensed speech-language pathologists address and manage the needs associated with swallowing, communication, and cognitive functioning to enhance the quality of life for each resident with HD and ALS.

Social Services/Case Management

Led by a social worker with extensive experience in neurodegenerative diseases, our NeuroCare Center offers specialized plans to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care management. Long-term care plans are tailored to each individual resident, his/her condition, and disease progression.

Counseling and Support

We recognize the unique psychosocial needs of individuals with Huntington’s Disease and ALS, as well as the needs of their families and caregivers. Individual and group counseling, including caregiver support groups and family support services, are offered by a licensed clinical social worker with neurodegenerative disease expertise.

Behavioral Specialist

An on-site consulting behavioral specialist, experienced in assisting individuals with psychiatric and neurological disorders such as HD and ALS, is available to assist with care planning, managing challenging behaviors, and providing staff and family support services.

Attending Physician

An attending physician for our NeuroCare Center provides oversight and routine care for residents in conjunction with consultations from neurologists.

Consulting Psychiatrist

A consulting psychiatrist, trained in the medical, psychological, and social components of neurodegenerative diseases, utilizes a broad range of tactics to improve quality of life for individuals diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease and ALS.

On-Site Dental Clinic

On-site dental services are available for individuals who require frequent, specialized care as muscle control diminishes.

The private pay rate for room and board for long-term care is $435/day for semi-private NeuroCare, and $457/day for private NeuroCare. There is a 6.8% New York State assessment fee in addition to the room and board rate.