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Baseline Concussion Assessment. 

Sitrin’s Equili·BRAIN·ium program uses a baseline concussion assessment, which is a snapshot of a person’s balance and cognitive thinking that can be analyzed with post-concussion results after a head injury to recover more effectively and efficiently. Using a force plate system, trained concussion management specialists run several balance evaluations and ask specific questions regarding the person’s thought process during the assessment.

Fall Risk Assessments. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CSC), injuries, both fatal and nonfatal, among older adults are caused by falls and each year, one in three older adults fall.

A fall risk assessment is an evaluation of a person’s current level of physical function and risk of falling. Results from the assessment allow professionals to design a personal intervention program to reduce the person’s fall risk, or help return them to normal physical function after a fall or injury. The fall risk assessment can be referred to in order to improve health and prevent injury in the future.

Tackle Concussions Head-On.

  • Baseline Assessment: $25
  • Baseline Fall Risk Assessment: $50

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Sitrin’s concussion management staff complies with CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendations for baseline testing. Visit the CDC website for more information about baseline tests.

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