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Because they may be too young to understand what is happening to them and why, medical rehabilitation can be a challenging experience for children… and a source of great concern for their parents, as well.

With this in mind, Sitrin has designed its pediatric therapy program to consider the "whole" patient in providing care, addressing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional issues, with special attention to the vital role that the parents and family play in the child's recovery.

Sitrin pediatric therapy offers treatment options for children:

  • recovering from injuries or illnesses
  • with developmental delay or disability
  • with congenital issues

The treatment program

Sitrin's pediatric therapy generally aids patients in improving balance, endurance and coordination, gaining muscle strength and flexibility, increasing range of motion, and reducing spastic or involuntary movements. In pediatric patients, other considerations commonly addressed include skills needed to pay attention, tracking, improving slowed reflexes and sensory integration.

Our program provides:

  • Physical therapy - works primarily with motor skills, such as crawling, standing, cruising, walking, using one's arms and legs
  • Occupational therapy - addresses activities of daily living, in infants beginning with rolling over, sitting up, working on coordination and balance.
  • Aquatic therapy - enhances the effectiveness of rehabilitative care while promoting relaxation and relief.

These therapies are provided in the context of an integrated treatment plan and delivered in an environment that promotes comfort, curiosity, and creative play.

Skilled, caring professional staff

Sitrin offers specially-trained therapists who are dedicated to helping pediatric patients and their families achieve their full potential. These enthusiastic individuals are expert at making the child comfortable and able to concentrate. The pediatric therapy team also includes staff physiatrists - doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

A very special place

When you visit Sitrin's state-of-the-art Health Care Center on Tilden Avenue in New Hartford, you'll see that it's a very special place. Overlooking the picturesque Mohawk Valley, this remarkable facility offers some of the most advanced treatment technologies and a host of amenities.

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